Imagine! The Fall of Ayatollahs Constitution

Summary and purpose of the book

In the year 1979, a Revolution happened in Iran to remove a corrupt dictator, the Shah, a close friend of all American Administrations, who was installed by 1953 Coup d’etat and replacing him with an unknown Ayatollah who had a mindset of 14-Centauries ago.

When the Devil gets out of bottle, it is hard to predict what creatures will come after it.

Before 1979 the word “terrorism” reminded us of Carlos, a terrorist, when he hijacked the plane of OPEC Ministers and the killing of Israelis at the Munich Olympics.

But after 1979 international terrorism routinely happened in the World and among them the most famous ones are Ben-Laden, Al-Shabab, Buku-Haram and ISIS.

Time Travel into the Future starts in the middle of the book “Imagine! The Fall of Ayatollahs Constitution” after it has covered the ancient history of the Middle East for understanding who are the four Dominant Nations of the Regine; Arabs, Turks, Iranian, and Israeli.

The boundaries between new countries drawn by the British after the First World War.

The State of Israel reborn by suffering the Jewish Holocaust of the Second World War, but after two Genocides of Iranian and Armenian at after First World War

On the other side of the Middle East, Creation of a new Islamic State called “Pakistan”, (meaning clean State) by dividing India (Hindustan meaning Hindu State) coincided by creation of State of Israel.

Root of any event, conflict and problem in the Middle East has always been religion.

It is a prerequisite of the political science study of the Middle East to understand the difference between three major brunches of Islam, Wahabi, Suni and Shia.

Before the 1979 Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini deceived Iranian and all Western Leaders by telling them how democratic country Iran will be under his rule.

He also promised all agreements and international relations will stay as they are.

But after the Referendum of April 1979, he changed!

Later he admitted; It was his religious duty to bring the Sharia Laws of Islamic Shia to Iran and establish a Shia Law Constitution.

He arranged an Islamic Assembly and wrote a so called Islamic Constitution according to the “Hadis”(Stories made after the death of Prophet Mohammad by clergies), which were contrary to the teachings of the Quran.

Protests to the constitution started during discussions about the constitution in the summer 1979 in the Ayatollahs Assembly.

But Khalkhali massacre in Kurdistan and death of Ayatollah Taleghani, it cleared the way for Sharia Law by giving an absolute governing power to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini and his successor by Article 5 of the Constitution.

Life of Iranian people in Iran after implementation of Ayatollahs Regime Constitution could be summarized in three things:

1-Poverty 2-Misery 3-Crisis

But these three things are the reasons for the Ayatollahs Regime to hold on to power in the last forty-four years:

  1. The middleclass who are educated and opponents of the Regime are gone and Iran has become a majority of the poor and a very small minority pro-regime are super rich.
  2. The Government controls distribution of illegal drugs, cigarette and alcohol. As addiction spread with unemployment, no entertainment and everyday bad news, life has become miserable.
  3. If there is no enemy, the Ayatollahs create enemy, and hostility and crisis to keep themselves in power. The American Embassy Hostage taking, Iran-Iraq War, Death to Israel, and hostility with neighboring countries, interfering in the affair of the other countries are all written plainly and do not need interpreting Articles of the Constitution. Therefore, every Iranian’s daily worries are about crisis the country is facing and Western countries always complaining about crises the Islamic State of Iran is making all over the World.

The book is all about Change of Constitution in Iran

Only Change of Constitution will guarantee a normal behavior of the government of Iran. NOT American Sanctions at their present form!

Only Smart Sanctions on the Iranian Regime looters who have deposited Billions of Dollars in the Western Banks will pressure Ayatollahs to change their behavior.

Change of Constitution in Iran after 44 years of struggle has reached its halfway.

This process started from summer of 1979 and slowly became a narrative among scholars, university students and majority of the society.

The society exploded when Ayatollah Khamenei declared Ahmadinejad as President, and “Green Movement” started June 2009

The movement reached to its peak by “Manifestation of 14 people” for Change of Constitution at June 2019, which was crushed with killing five thousand protesters by September 2019.

The civil unrest and protests against the government of Iran associated with the death in morality police custody of Mahsa Amini began on 16 September 2022

This unrest is going on all over Iran with the new name of the movement, “Woman Life Freedom”

 “Woman Life Freedom” movement has root in Article 5 and 8 of the Constitution.

In the last week of February 2023, the Ayatollahs Regime has committed a Crime Against Humanity by poisoning girls’ students who removed their Hijab in their classrooms.

The order of poisoning came directly from the Leader, in a speech he indicated young girls in schools, who do not obey Hijab Law must be punished, but not severely hurt, by Muslim people and mosque goers.

The movement “Woman Life Freedom” which started at September 2022 may be diverted or slowed by wicked Ayatollahs tricks, but could not be crushed this time, since it belongs to women and the young Internet generation of Iran.

The movement will continue!


Appendix 1

Few Articles from Islamic Republic of Iran Constitution for

the US Administration to consider ................................................137

Appendix 2

About Quran Chronicle ................................................................140

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