Iranian-American letter to the US President

Iranian-American who are interested in changing the Ayatollahs regime in Iran, and Americans who are concerned with the terrorist behavior of the Ayatollahs Regime in Iran,


Fill-up your name, address and telephone number and copy and paste following letter to President Biden:

Dear Mr. President Biden,


After 44 years of being trapped in poverty, misery and crisis, Iranians concluded and know very well that the regime of the Ayatollahs in Iran favors Bilderberg meeting, British Freemasons, Military-Industrial Complex, the US Allies, even US adversaries Russia, China and Iran's neighboring countries.

Simply Iran, as it is, is favoring every country except the majority of the Iranian people.

The sanctions at its present form and military attack helps Ayatollahs to loot Iran and stay in power for more years.

Only “Smart Sanctions”, i.e., sanctions against Iran's looters, can change the Ayatollah's behavior, which “Looting” is according to their Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Sharia Law.

This book titled "Imagine! The Fall of Ayatollahs Constitution" has two appendices:

First - some principles of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, which show that the regime should be in hostility with the US and that the proxies of the regime should be scattered around the world to fight with American interests wherever they are.

Second - some part of the Quran Chronicle, to show that the regime of Ayatollahs, as they themselves say, do not believe in the completeness of the Quran.

The purpose of publishing this book is to pay tribute to the heroes of the Revolution "Woman Life Freedom" and to show the betrayal of a small number of Iranians abroad who are supported by the Western State Media.

If one day after the recognition of Israel by Saudi Arabia, it is decided that the regime of the Ayatollahs should change their behavior, then the only leverage of American pressure is to call the regime's anti-American and terrorist principles and seek interference in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic and “Smart Sanctions” on the regime thieves and looters of Iran.

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